Thank you for your interest in Easy Care Residential. We’re so excited to hear from you! 

Please read and understand our eligibility requirements: 

  • Easy Care Residential only provides residential support to those on Waiver Section 21. 
  • Waiver section 21 is a home and community-based waiver program that provide services in a variety of settings including at home, in the community, and on the job.
  • Waiver Section 21 supports adults with intellectual disabilities or autism spectrum disorders who want to live as independently as possible at home and in the community.
  • The State of Maine requires an assessment to determine an individual’s financial eligibility and level of function
  • Assessments help individuals and families understand what services are available to them and to plan for the individual’s needs.
  • The needed services are identified through a person-centered planning process and must be authorized by the Department of Health and Human Services.